T15-1156 Santa Teresa Road

Reconstruction and Sealing CH2.8km to CH14.45km and CH62.9km to CH67.2km


Aldebaran Contracting were very pleased to be awarded the Santa Teresa Road project in Alice Springs as it would be our first Federally funded project. Originally the project was 11km of reconstruction and sealing works however this was soon changed to allow the construction of approx. 15km of road. The conditions in Alice Springs were considerably difficult throughout the course of the project with the availability of water resources and gravel significant concerns. However, Aldebaran persevered over the course of the project and were able to complete the project in December 2015. Tolerances of the section of road closest to the Alice Springs airport were within 3mm which testament to the significant works Aldebaran was completed on the project using the Topcon Laser and GPS systems. Aldebaran were also proud to achieve over 13,000 hours of Indigenous Employment on this project.