Gilbert Creek & Standley Chasm

Project Name: T22-1897 Larapinta Drive Gilbert Creek Floodway and Standley Chasm Tour Access Road – Flood Damage Repairs – Alice Springs
Client: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Contract Award Sum: $956,231.51

Aldebaran Contracting executed flood damage repairs on Larapinta Drive and Standley Chasm Tour Access Road with precision and efficiency. Initially tasked with two sites, the scope expanded to five due to our demonstrated capability and efficiency. We established a camp and quarry in Alice Springs, allowing simultaneous work across multiple fronts. Major components included earthworks, stabilisation, concrete, protection works, and sealing. The project was completed to high standards within the timeframe, delivering safer roads and showcasing our ability to manage and execute large-scale, multi-site projects. Our effective resource management and strategic planning provided significant cost savings and minimised disruptions to traffic and business operations in the area.