Santa Teresa Road – Stage 2

Project Name: Santa Teresa Road Upgrade and Sealing (Contract No. T22-1838)
Client: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Contract Award Value: $7,259,257.26

Aldebaran Contracting successfully completed the upgrade and sealing of a 7-kilometer section of Santa Teresa Road. This significant project, commissioned by the Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics, showcased Aldebaran’s expertise in managing extensive drainage enhancements and complex roadway reconstruction.

Scope of Works:

  • Earthworks: Included the excavation and filling of over 81,000 cubic meters of material. The initial design required alterations to ensure the road’s elevation was suitable, resulting in a mix of 48,218 m³ of cut and 33,312 m³ of fill to achieve the required levels.
  • Pavement Construction: Utilised high-quality gravel produced from our Maryvale Quarry. Despite initial challenges with the newly established RODINGA quarry, the team successfully adapted to ensure material specifications were met.
  • Drainage Works: Involved the installation of various drainage structures to improve flood immunity and ensure longevity. The project included significant rock work, leveraging materials with three crushed faces, which were challenging to source in the region.
  • Spray Sealing: The roadway was completed with a high-quality spray seal, ensuring a durable and smooth finish.

Project Management:

The project demanded precise planning and coordination due to its remote location, approximately 1500 km from Aldebaran’s head office. Efficient logistics and resource management were critical, with a strong focus on maintaining project timelines and budgets. The project team utilised BIM (Building Information Management) software to create a digital twin of the project, enhancing planning and execution accuracy.


Aldebaran employed advanced technologies such as the Robotic Total Station (LPS) and drone photogrammetry to ensure precise level checks and quality control. The use of these technologies allowed for efficient monitoring and management of the project’s progress, leading to exceptional outcomes.

Environmental and Stakeholder Management:

The project included proactive measures to minimise environmental impact, such as effective waste management and recycling programs. Aldebaran engaged with local communities and stakeholders, maintaining transparent communication and addressing concerns promptly. This collaborative approach ensured the project’s smooth delivery and positive relationships with all involved parties.

People Development and Training:

Aldebaran invested in the continuous development of their workforce, providing extensive training and apprenticeship opportunities. The commitment to safety, quality, and innovation was reflected in the exceptional performance and high client satisfaction scores.


The successful completion of the Santa Teresa Road project highlights Aldebaran Contracting’s capability to deliver high-quality infrastructure solutions in challenging environments. Their dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainable practices sets a benchmark in the civil construction industry, making them a strong contender for future significant projects.