Tablelands Hwy – Stage 1 & 2

Project Name: T18-1237 Tablelands Highway Stage 1 & T18-2588 Tablelands Highway Stage 2 – Barkley Region
Client: Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Contract Award Sum (Stage 1): $7,800,000.00
Contract Award Sum (Stage 2): $15,200,000.00


The Tablelands Highway upgrade, spanning two stages, exemplifies Aldebaran Contracting’s prowess in large-scale infrastructure projects. Stage 1 involved the construction of 15km of road, requiring extensive earthworks, drainage, stabilisation, and sealing. Despite challenges such as unsuitable materials and flood-prone areas, Aldebaran completed the project within the required timeframe, ensuring a high-quality finish. Stage 2 continued the upgrade with an additional 13km section, focusing on further earthworks, pavement construction, and drainage improvements. Our strategic use of lime stabilisation and drone technology for material assessment enhanced project efficiency and quality. Aldebaran’s commitment to community engagement and indigenous employment further underscored our dedication to sustainable and inclusive project delivery.